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Castle: Season 4 Episode 10: “Cuffed”

What a couple!!! They got cuffed together in season 4,weird!!! But it was an epic episode especially when the tiger came out.I really wish the new writer gets some thriller in the season 7 with cases like these but of course with richard alive.It must fun and annoying to be cuffed with a person like Castle!! <3 <3 <3 Cant’t wait for CASKETT!!


All Caskett Kisses in 500px

Dressed to Kill ➡ Kiss 2


Does anyone know of a way to watch Castle seasons 1-6 other than streamallthis.me? My friend and I are really struggling rn

Go to: http://www.wrzko.eu/tv/castle-2009/ 


Nathan en la premiere de “Guardians Of The Galaxy”

Hace tan solo unas horas, Nathan Fillion acudía al estreno de la película ”Guardians Of The Galaxy”


Here are some photos from a charity event I had the honor of attending at ASU entitled “Serenity, Softwire and the Science of Science-Fiction.”

Story time!!!! So during Phoenix Comicon in June, author PJ Haarsma and actor Nathan Fillion hosted an event to help raise money for ASU’s science and technology foundation that promotes getting kids interested in the STEM fields.

My AMAZING friends all chipped in money to help me buy a ticket to be able to attend this even and get to HANG OUT WITH NATHAN FILLION!!

It was seriously one of the greatest moments of my life! I adore Nathan as an actor and as a humanitarian and getting to chat, drink wine, and take selfies with him was simply beyond words!! It was also suuuuper cool to meet PJ who is the author of the FANTASTIC YA Sci-Fi series, the Rings of Orbis and one of the founders of Kids Need to Read.

ANYWAY, if people are interested I may post a longer write up detailing how AMAZING it was meeting Nathan, but here are some long awaited photos from the event! Hah sorry it took me forever to post these!!

What doesn’t kill Castle stands to make “Caskett” stronger.

-by David Amann and Andrew W. Marlowe

hopeful for season 7! <3

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The whole getting married in the Hamptons was never for Castle and Beckett. Over 200 people at the wedding didn't sound like Castle and Beckett at all. The Hamptons was tainted way before the events of 623. I am talking about the end of the season 2 finale. Castle going to the Hamptons with Gina leaving Beckett broken hearted. Honestly when Castle and Beckett get married it will probably be at city hall just the two of them.


hmmm. i don’t agree that the hamptons was tainted for them, but i do agree that a wedding of 200 people never felt right to me, not for them. there are more than a few reasons why i assumed the wedding would never happen, and it was at least partly because the wedding didn’t seem like castle and beckett enough. like the writers knew it wasn’t going to happen, so they left themselves room for improvement.

that said, i still think they should’ve let beckett wear the ugly dress and not tainted her mothers beautiful gown. i think that was a shortsighted mistake. probably done to give fans a “win” in an episode that really didn’t have much in the way of winning. would’ve been better to have patience on that one. i would’ve rather seen her destroy the ugly dress at the scene of castle’s accident, not her mothers dress. i would’ve wanted her mothers dress saved for when the day actually happens, because now, that aspect is ruined. 

the dress thing bugs me more than i ever thought it would. it’s just that now when i picture their day, whether it’s on the beach with just family or just the two of them at city hall, both of which i think are likely scenarios, i’m left wishing Castle could’ve seen how gorgeous Beckett was in her mothers dress. That moment would’ve meant a lot to me and i think a lot to Castle.

but, what’s done is done. i too thing we’re going to end up with a quicky wedding that’s very small and unplanned. i’m okay with it. it makes more sense to me for them to have a small wedding anyway, something i said a really long time ago. like back when they were talking about guests lists. i had a hard time imagining either of them wanting 100 people there. 

When do you think Caskett will be reunited?


immediately. my guess would be by the middle of 701. the story they’re telling is about those two and how they get through whatever happened, together. i’d be surprised if their separation is prolonged any more than is absolutely necessary. especially since they know a lot of fans have negative feelings about the finale. the best way to win fans back is to put Castle and Beckett back together, and have them working together to solve the mystery of whatever happened to Castle. 

separating castle and beckett for extended periods of time doesn’t work. that isn’t the show the majority of fans want to watch. the people who produce the show are well aware of that fact.


Are they getting a dog?


Are they getting a dog?

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Castle &Beckett | Latch
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Castle 30 day meme

Day 22-Someone you wish would guest star (Christina Applegate) 

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