'Castlisms' by Katsj50
STOP and listen to the entire Episode Commentary S01xE01


Stana Katic: “Didn’t you guys have to pull back on some of the chemistry for the first episode?”

Andrew Marlowe: “Yeah, there was a little bit of concern that you guys looked like you were gonna go to bed in the second episode”

- Castle Commentary Season 1 Episode 1 “Flowers For Your Grave” (x)



Caskett and Castillion FANDOM!!!

I just spent the most fun 43min and 11sec listening to Andrew Marlowe, Rob Bowman, Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic and Jon Huertos do commentary over the entire first episode — WONDERFUL!!

They comment on the auditioning process for both Nathan and Stana, talk about the filming of the shorter version of the first episode which had to sell the series concept to the network and how when it was picked up they had to add more footage BUT couldn’t afford to go back to NY to film so they had to replicate things in LA, including using other actors for the same role as the one acted by someone else in the NY portion. They talk about how many actresses were used for the flower covered murdered model, breath length for the dead woman in the pool, how awesome it was to have Keir Dullea guesting and what Bowman asked him — the list is endless!! 

Seriously, y’all should go back and listen and learn alot about what the character’s were and are intended to represent, like what is the ‘engine of the show’.



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