'Castlisms' by Katsj50


Today at Nerdy Girl Notes, I share my thoughts about last night’s phenomenal two-parter conclusion. 

Here’s a preview:

Another beautiful bit of continuity was the use of “Always” in this episode. In Castle mythology, that word is synonymous with unconditional love and support. I found it incredibly moving that Hunt used it when talking about his pride in his son. The way Fillion’s eyes filled with tears upon being called “son” by his father for the first time was exquisite, as was the little choked-up swallow he did after Brolin said his line. The connection between these two actors—both masters of quiet poignancy—created a moment of love so layered that it transcended the procedural genre and instead entered the realm of great TV drama.

But Castle has never been just a procedural. It’s a love story. However, it’s not just a love story between Castle and Beckett. It’s a story about the love between family, friends, and friends who become your family. And every single kind of love was on display in this episode.

Exceptional review ;-)